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Welcome to our Small Garden Design Ideas blog. Although we are not experts in garden design, all of the contributors for this website are enthusiastic and passionate about various types of gardening and the diverse range of plants available to enjoy. We are all on a learning adventure and hope to gain more experience and knowledge as we explore and grow. Some of us will be going back to our roots tapping into the work we performed as kids helping out on the farm, in the vegetable garden or around the house. Even if we hated the work back then, the experience has left a lasting and valuable impression.

With the growing awareness of climate change and the importance of bio-diversity in our world, more people are developing an interest in cultivating their own gardens. And, with increasing knowledge of how food impacts our health and vitality, there is an increasing desire for organic fruits and vegetables which you can learn to grow yourself. The importance of plants and natural surroundings have also been found to help reduce stress that we are all experiencing with all the issues in the news lately.

Whether you are looking for information on vegetable garden design, flower garden design, herb garden design or modern garden design plans for your yard, you’re sure to find something of interest on our blog. If not, send us an email and we’ll see what we can dig up. Rock gardens, terrariums and even garden water features will be explored. We’ll even be posting some pictures of our own plants and flowers.

We hope you enjoy the articles we provide here as we share our discoveries and experiences. Any gardening ideas and tips you would like to share would be much appreciated as well.

Note: we receive commissions for some of the products and services promoted on our websites. Some of the products are our own while others are affiliate products from a diverse range of vendors. We also provide links to select sites that we deem valuable for our visitors even though we do not have any affiliate relationship. The products we promote are items that we have purchased ourselves or would like to purchase and think might be of interest to our visitors too. These are of course only suggestions. Please use your own judgement when deciding to purchase any product for your small garden design.

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