When planning your small garden design ideas, there are usually some constraints and other considerations to think about that will influence the final result. By visualizing the features you want while also taking into account potential issues or design restrictions, you’ll be better prepared to implement a successful garden design.

One of the first things to consider of course is the purpose of your garden or the plants you intend to grow. Even if you only just want to have some plants in your surroundings, every one has a preference for certain aspects of what a garden should look like or how it should “feel” to them. By exploring your own desires in a little more detail, you’ll gain an awareness of what you’re really looking for. You’ll also be able to communicate your concept to other people who may be involved in your garden project.

Here are a few common reasons for creating a small garden and an idea as to what purpose they might fulfill:

  • Grow food in the form of organic vegetables and fruit or herbs to spice up and garnish your gourmet dishes
  • Attract wild life like birds, bees, butterflies and various small animals to get back in touch with nature
  • Cultivate flowers to beautify your yard with colour and fragrant scent or provide cuttings for inside your home
  • Construct visually aesthetic elements to enhance the look of your house/yard or cover up unsightly areas maybe to impress neighbours and guests or to prepare for selling
  • Provide a relaxing and stress free area in which to sit and enjoy solitude or the company of friends
  • Enhance natural or artificial structural features in your house or yard like pillars, banks, hills, streams, ponds, large rocks, trees, walk ways, fences, etc.
  • Make a room more inviting and comforting or make a centre piece for visual effect
  • Create a small natural environment for exotic pets like birds, reptiles, amphibians or tropical fish
  • Develop an environment with lots of photographic, drawing, painting or other artistic opportunities
  • Encourage your children to learn about nature, plant biology and environmental systems hands on
  • Experience the joy of growing exotic, esoteric or challenging varieties of plants

There are many other individual reasons why you might want to create a garden or start growing plants in general. The pleasures you receive from your garden are very personal.

Once you identify the reason or purpose for your garden, you’ll want to explore the various design constraints and other considerations including:

  • Environmental conditions like lighting, temperature, soil quality and moisture while taking into account seasonal changes that occur in your area
  • Space limitations or structural restrictions (even underground issues like soil depth, weeping tile location, storage tanks, water & gas pipes, electrical cables, etc.)
  • Allergies and even the potential of some plants to be poisonous for young children and pets
  • Budget and time frame for your project factoring in the cost of materials, plants, specialized equipment, contractors and the build/grow time (start from seeds, bulbs, small or large plants?)
  • How much maintenance time and effort are you willing to allocate (pruning, weeding, watering, pest control, etc.)
  • Amount of water required and availability of water sources (hose length, outlet placement, access to the plants, sprinklers & soakers, rain barrels, etc.)
  • What equipment and tools do you already own or need to acquire and the appropriate storage area for them
  • Are there seasonal storage and/or staging requirements or other implications of plant choice for your region
  • The nature of the plant species you intend to grow including size, growth rate, longevity, hardiness, special handling requirements and interaction with other plants

As you begin to think more about your small garden design ideas, you’re sure to come up with other potential issues that you can prepare for in advance. By planning ahead, you’ll be sure to create a wonderful garden that satisfies all your desires in a way you can enjoy and be happy about.

Small Garden Design

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