Welcome to our Small Garden Design Ideas blog. If you have a passion for gardening or are just starting out developing your green thumb, you’ll find a lot of great ideas growing here. We’re not experts yet but we are willing to learn and try out new techniques to help bring out the best in any garden. There’s a lot of topics to cover like:

  • Aesthetic garden design ideas and plans for landscaping
  • Various types of small gardens designed for custom requirements
  • Tools and special equipment to improve growing and reduce work
  • Composting for improved soil conditioning and plant nutrition
  • Lighting conditions for certain types of plants
  • Beneficial insects and pest control techniques
  • Small vegetable garden designs to suit your location
  • Indoor and outdoor gardens for year round enjoyment
  • Plant and seed varieties and growing techniques for special purposes
  • Innovations in the science and technology associated with plants

We’ll also touch on some controversial subjects related to the environment, the economy and our place in the world. Plants are extremely important to our well being for many obvious reasons. However, we are also constantly discovering new and more subtle yet significant reasons why we need a variety of plants in our lives. There are all kinds of reasons why a small garden may be perfect for you:

  • Transform a small space or room into an oasis of beauty where you can relax and ease away stress
  • Allocate small amounts of time maintaining your garden each day to calm your mind
  • Grow herbs and vegetables to enhance the flavour of your health conscious meals
  • Create a luscious flower garden with intoxicating scents and stunning colours to stimulate your senses
  • Get in touch with nature and develop an appreciation for the intricate life processes in our world
  • Involve your kids in a growing experience that provides excellent learning and bonding opportunities

And of course you will most definitely enjoy the process of growing something for what ever reason. We hope you join us as we explore the art, science and technology of small garden design. A little philosophy may also be mixed in for good measure.

Small Garden Design

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